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Sonia has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Attuned Reiki Practitioner ​                

Powerful spiritual experience, as your energetic pathways are opened. Helps with self and holistic healing.





Certified Crystal Energy Healer

Pseudoscientific alternative-medicine practice that uses semiprecious stones and crystals such as quartz, agate, amethyst or opal. Helps to relieve specific ailments such as anxiety, depression and insomnia, or more physical ailments such as digestive problems.


Certified Chakra Healer

Enlightening you to your Seven Chakras. Treating your energetic body by channeling your chakra. It helps in releasing blocked emotional energy, old patterns and negative emotions. The Seven Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows.





Certified Personal Trainer

Work one-on-one with a client to plan or implement an exercise or fitness regimen that fits your body, level, and lifestyle.


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